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Certified Organic chickens, raised on our lush pastures, and lots of delicious giblets!


We raise our chickens in several batches each year and they are sold from the farm as frozen whole birds.   If you would like to join the mailing list to be notified when fresh batches of chickens are available, drop us a line here.  We also have chicken feet, livers, gizzards, hearts, and necks available.


Their meat is succulent and flavourful, and often with a yellow-tinted skin and fat due to the increased vitamin A content from their foraging.  Their grass based diet has also been shown to result in meat with a lower saturated fat content and higher levels of essential fatty acids.


A note on cooking:  Since these birds are outside and are moved to fresh grass every day in our unique chicken tractors, they use their muscles a lot!  We would suggest cooking them at a lower temperature for a longer time than you would a conventional bird to ensure they are tender.



Chickens are available for individual sale at the following prices and sizes: 



Undersized (<1.49kg):  €12.50

Small (1.5-1.8kg):  €16

Medium (1.81 - 2.1kg): €18

Large (2.11-2.4kg):  €20  

Extra Large (>2.41kg): €22



Extras (giblets!)



Bag of 4 chicken livers: €1.50 - currently sold out

Bag of 4 chicken gizzards: €1

Bag of 4 chicken feet: €1

Bag of 8 chicken hearts: €1 - currently sold out



To reserve your birds fill out the form below and we will be in touch with you to confirm your order.  Please note that any deliveries outside Cloughjordan only run between March and mid-December each year.

Organic Chicken