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Collection from Crawford's Farm

Anyone is more than welcome to collect milk from the farm!  We envision these customers will fall into one of two categories:


PLEASE NOTE:  All customers will be given plastic bottles for their first collection, if you choose to become a repeat customer you will then be able to avail of glass bottles.


Repeat customers - If you know you would like to collect milk from the farm on a weekly, bi-weekly, once every two weeks, etc basis.  It would be best to let us know approximately how much to reserve for you and on what days.  This would be a sort of flexible standing order.  This will also allow us to offer you the milk in glass bottles, with a 'rinse and return' policy.


Once off customers - To ensure availability it is best to ring at least a day or two ahead.  However, we will try our best to cater for any spur of the moment milk desires as well.  In this case, if customers would like to pay for a glass bottle they are more than welcome to, but we will also have plastic bottles available.


Milk collected in glass bottles will be €2 per litre, plus bottle deposit of €1 per litre. The bottle deposit will be refunded when the bottles are returned.

Milk collected in plastic bottles will be €2 per litre.