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Head cuts



Shoulder cuts

Collar pork/bacon

Shoulder of pork/bacon

Breast of pork/bacon

Shoulder chops

Shoulder shank

Roast cuts


Loin cuts

Loin chops

Pork tenderloin

Back rashers


Rump cuts

Pork steaks/fillets


Ham cuts

Ham pork/bacon

Ham shank

Leg of pork/bacon

Roast cuts


Belly cuts

Pork belly

Pork/bacon ribs

Streaky rashers


Knuckle of pork/bacon

Pigs feet

Pigs ears

Sausages - meat from shoulder, belly and head

Burgers - meat from shoulder, belly and head

Black/White pudding

Pigs liver


Organic Pork & Bacon


Throughout the year our pigs help us to make sure no skim milk, excess courgettes or soft apples ever go to waste - plus of course they love their morning ration of organic oats and lupins!


We only sell small amounts of individual pork and bacon cuts, with the majority of pigs we raise being sold in bulk as whole or half pigs.  Pre-ordered whole and half pigs are cut to your specifications with a base price for a half pig as €350 and for a whole pig as €675, plus any extra processing costs for desired cuts.  If you have interest in getting your hands on some bulk amounts of this lovely organic, pasture-raised meat at an amazing price contact us!


When available, individual cuts are offered as below.  As not all cuts are available at all times, it's best to send us an email at crawfordsfarm@gmail.com or give us a ring on 087-0985469 to discuss availability.


Roast Pork Joints and Ham Bacon - €14/kg

Loin Pork Chops - €18/kg

Shoulder Pork Chops - €16/kg

Pork Belly - €14/kg

Pork ribs - €9/kg

Minced Pork and Diced Pork - €14/kg

100% Natural Sausages - €13/kg

Streaky rashers - €18/kg

Back Rashers - €20/kg



Pork and bacon meat cuts diagram

Example Pork/Bacon Meat Cuts