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Organic Raw Milk, Cream & Butter

We have a micro-dairy raising some lovely Irish Shorthorn milking cows.  Our cows are our partners and our family. They are happy, well loved and respected, and they all have names. You can read about each of our cows here.  


The creamy milk these cows produce is one of the healthiest and most delicious foods you can consume.  We want to keep all the natural goodness in our products, so we do not sell any milk to an external creamery.  Instead, we sell milk, cream and traditional handmade butter (and even a small amount of buttermilk) directly to consumers and retailers as pure, unadulterated, 100% organic, RAW products.  This means they have been filtered and chilled but never pasteurised (heat treated) or homogenised. You can find where to buy our dairy here.


Our small-scale milking parlour is where the family cow was hand milked two generations ago.  We use this traditional parlour along with our modern, licensed dairy processing facility to produce our decadent raw products for 10-months of the year, from March to mid-December.  This seasonal dairying approach also goes back generations.  It allows us to sync forage requirements of the cattle with the grass growing season and allows us to produce the most nutrient dense products.


Raw milk production in Ireland is currently regulated by EU hygiene legislation and all raw milk producers supplying more than just a small amount locally should be registered with the Irish Dept of Agriculture.  Our registration number is RM06 for milk and IE 2125 for our other dairy products.  In addition to abiding by the standards set forth we have instituted a HACCP and operational procedures to ensure the quality, health and safety of our animals and the milk we provide, we also go above and beyond the regulations by sending off samples of our milk for a whole suite of tests each month.  If you would like an in-depth description of any of these procedures let us know and we would be happy to forward them along.