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We raise pastured beef, lamb, pork/bacon and poultry along with producing raw milk.   The animals raised on our farm for meat are taken by us to the abattoirs we work with who are registered organic.  We are working closely with our processors to ensure quality, custom tailored products.  All our products are in the second year of conversion to certified organic.


Meat Options:

To try and cater for a variety of tastes and family sizes, we will expand to offer meat in three ways:


Meat of one type in bulk - Lamb, pork and beef for purchase by the 1/8, 1/4, 1/2 or whole animal.

Mixed meat bundles – Bulk order that includes a small amount of all varieties of meats available in a mixed bundle.

Á la carte  – Popular and convenience items available for purchase individually and sold by the kg.


The sections for each product explain the options available for 2014.  As this is our first year of direct meat sales, some variety will be limited during certain times of the year, but as stock numbers increase, production stabalises and product volume increases to be in better balance with demand, a variety of most types of meat should become available year-round.  Although most meat is sold in bulk, there are also a few animals every year from which all of the individual cuts will be sold, so if there is a specific cut of any animal you would prefer don't hesitate to contact us.  


Milk Options:

Raw milk is available for direct sale in increments from 1-3L or in bulk.  Milk sales are catered for individually.



Meat can be reserved/ordered online, by phone, email or in person and any requests for milk can be submitted in the same way.



All products are sold dirctly from the farm or, for a small additional fee, can be home delivered to your residence in North Tipperary and the surrounding areas.


Meat will be available for collection from the farm on Wednesdays between 4pm-7:30pm. If you can't make it out during these hours please call us and we can arrange an appointment that works better for you!


Delivery within Cloughjordan and the surrounding areas is available for an extra €2 and will be on Tuesdays between 11am-6pm. When ordering please let us know when during this time-frame best suits you. Delivery outside the Cloughjordan surrounds is available during the same time-frame with delivery charge based on distance.