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The Animals

We have a small herd of lovely red, white and roan pedigree Shorthorn cows named Molly, Rosy, Penny, Lucy, Pepper, Ruby, Belle and Roxy.  We initially starting rearing the Shorthorn breed as a dual purpose animal for meat and milk, and have kept with them for many more reasons.  They are exceptionally docile and good natured , as well as being easy calvers, having good growth, producing a rich, creamy milk and overall being a hardy breed that needs minimal labour and inputs.  The cows are rotationally grazed and fed a mixture of our organically grown grains during their morning and evening milkings.  Contact us if you have an interest in our delicious and healthy raw milk!


Chickens (broilers)

We raise a slow growing breed of meat chickens known as Ross. The chicks are bought-in when they are a day old and for the first four weeks of their life they are fed organic chick starter feed and carefully protected in a brooder area in our barn.  When they are then strong enough to go outside they are moved to our fleet of mobile chicken tractors and are incorporated into the grazing rotation.  The chickens are moved to fresh grass every day and follow the cattle, encouraging the ingestion of young, nutritious sprouts and allowing the chickens to fertilize the fields by scratching through the cattle droppings to eat any insects or larva, thus also helping to sanitise the pasture.  This varied diet of greens, seeds and insects is a valuable source of vitamins and minerals for the birds.  The remainder of their diet is a mix of the organically grown grains from our farm, with an added bit of organic poultry grower.  Overall, these birds mature slowly compared to conventional birds and are raised for longer than conventional poultry.  Order your broilers today!

Irish Shorthorn Milking Cows


Beef Cattle

Our beef cattle are currently a Shorthorn cross from our Shorthorn cross beef bull and our dairy cows.  As calves they are reared on milk and grass and then moved to strictly grass when three months old and will stay on grass for as long as it grows during the season.  They are kept for between 16-20 months.  In the winter we feed our cattle small bales of hay from our farm.  All our beef is 100% grass fed and finished.

We raise a variety of pigs on pasture, which lets them express their natural instincts to forage, root and wallow.  In addition to this, the pigs also feast on any excess  milk and the organically grown grains from our farm. Currently the pigs are bought in as small weaners from another organic farm


Order your pork and bacon today!

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