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The Farm

Located in the fertile land of north Tipperary, Crawford's Farm is divided into many parcels to allow for rotation and to facilitate the mixed animal and grain farming done on the land.  Many internal field division hedgerows as well as outer boundary hedgerows are being managed to increase biodiversity on the farm.  Roughly 35% of the land is put into cultivation for grains each year, and all pastures and arable land are rotated through a rejuvinating cycle to ensure soil health and a proper land-animal balance.

IMG-20140505-00510 grain

The farm is owned and operated by Owen and Mimi Crawford assistance from their barn cats and two farm dogs.  Owen and Mimi first met on the land in 2009 when Mimi came to the farm to volunteer.  They have been working together producing for the local community since that time, but only took over the sole running of the farmland and started expanding to external sales in 2014.