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The Grains

We currently grow the grains that form the majority of supplemental feed (above and beyond grass) needed for our animals.  All grains are grown organically and include a heritage variety of Sonas Oats, a Pea & Barley combination crop, and in 2016 we are experimenting with Wheat & Pea combination crop as well.  The combination crops add desired protein to our animals’ diets and are rich in amino acids  - important for the diets of our hens and pigs.  If any additional feed needs to be bought in when our grain our stocks run low, it is all Morrin's certified organic feed.

Plowing to plant oats, pea and barley, and triticale

The grains are stored on the farm and rolled for animal feed.  The straw from the grains is harvested and baled into square bales, stored and used for the bedding of all our animals.